Welcome to Punta Cocos Beach suites
Welcome to Punta Cocos Beach suites

Con vista espectacular para celebrar tu ocasión especial!

Nuestras casitas son de dos pisos. Constan de una habitación matrimonial y una habitación con dos camarotes, sala, cocina completamente implementada, comedor, dos baños con ducha, agua  caliente, aire acondicionado en los cuartos, wifi y piscina (área común).

***Estacionamiento inculido, y desayuno tropical disponible***

CUARTOS/SUITES:Matrimonial Doble, Triple, o Quadruple. Los cuartos tienen vista al mar. Constan de una cocina implementada, friobar, TV con cable, ventilador de techo, agua caliente, wifi y piscina (área común).

FULL DAY: 10am-5pm, S/70 por persona; S/40 consumible
*Acceso a la piscina
*Acceso a una habitación
*Acceso a las instalaciones


     PUNTA COCOS BEACH       CASITAS: fully furnished, 2 story, beds for six, 2 baths;  equiped kitchen, washing machine, AC, extended stay.     SUITES: Queen, double, triple or handicap friendly. Breakfast & Parking included

    Bienvenidos! Welcome!       PCBZorritos@gmail.com   WhatsApp +51 983 581 621

All fully furnished suites are beach front
First floor: kitchen, living-dining room. Second floor: bedrooms with AC and ceiling fans; washing machine.

Perfect for your family!

Punta Cocos Beach suites, beach front swimming pool
View from master bedroom balcony

"The best Panoramic view of the Pacific"

Punta Cocos Beach es ecológicamente responsable. Las aguas grises son apropiadamente tratadas preservando nuestra belleza natural y manteniendo el mar limpio.


Todos los huespedes disfrutan de comedor al aire libre, desayuno tropical disponible, WIFI, piscina, estacionamiento, futbolin, sapo e ingreso a la playa sin cruzar carretera.  Transporte del aeropuerto de Tumbes es posible. Hacemos pizzas totalmente hechas en casa, desde la maza. Ofrecemos el siguiente carta 3 horas de anticipación:
*Pizza estilo Romano
*Pizza estilo Chicago

*Arroz con mariscos
*Arroz con conchas negras
*Causa de pollo, langostino, o cangrejo
*Ceviche de pescado, mixto, langostinos, o conchas negras
*Chaufa de pescado, mariscos, o langostinos
Chicharrón de pollo, pescado, langostino, o mixto
*Tequeños de jamón y queso, lagostino, o lomo


   PESSA Sun & Sea's PUNTA COCOS BEACH offers fully furnished beach front casitas & suites for rent in Zorritos, it abuts the beach with the warmest water, 80F in Peru.

THE SUITES of which two are handicap friendly,

have a ceiling fan, stove & fridge, beds for two or three, bathroom, are beach front and closest to the pool and beach.
THE CASITAS have beds for six & a sofa bed, and are designed to accommodate a family of up to 8 comfortably, with WIFI, ceiling fans, two AC bedrooms, two bathrooms, washer, living-dining room and kitchen. In addition: outdoor dining area, swimming pool, ping pong, foosball, and secured parking. The suites perch twenty feet above sea  level & the casitas perch fifty feet above sea level, which offers a magnificent Panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, the beach, and sea life including dolphins!

Punta Cocos Beach works hard to be ecologically responsible. All gray water is treated and recycled onsite preserving our property's natural beauty.

Come and enjoy our beautiful beach, local tourist sites, the delicious Northern Peruvian cuisine, and our homemade Roma style pizzas (great to have with a cold beer after a day at the pool).  The always temperate weather varies between 65-70F at night and 80-90F during the day. Humidity is invariably low; there is a refreshing sea breeze every afternoon. The gentle slope of the beaches along with the warm waters, make wading and playing in the surf truly pleasurable. you will not be disappointed!



We founded Punta Cocos Beach after deciding to build a family beach-vacation site in a location with year-round beach weather. After much searching, we found the ideal site in Zorritos. We realized that we would not be able to occupy the suites on a full time basis and decided to offer them to selected individuals, preferably on a weekly basis. We were able to obtain our land and began building at the end of '07.  The suites were completed in March of '09 and later in the year we received our "Functioning Permit" and our first guests.  We continue to work on the grounds and landscaping - '12-'13 season we built a pool, '13-'14 season a malecón, '14-'15 season got Wi-Fi, '15-'16 season we built a new pool sidewalk and redid a road to start building more units. '17-'18 season we built brand new beach front suites for two, a couple of the suites are handicap accessible.  ‘18-‘19 season we are about to open Alta Mar restaurant. '19- '20 season, because each of our units are private, we stayed open as allowed (i.e 40% capacity),  '20-'21 we managed to survive the pandemia -unlike other lodging places. '21-'22 we had our first wedding receptions on the beach.
Food: with a 3 hr advance notice, we can provide delicious homemade pizza made with homemade dough or any of these comida criolla dishes: 

*Pizza estilo Romano
*Pizza estilo Chicago

*Arroz con mariscos
*Arroz con conchas negras
*Causa de pollo, langostino, o cangrejo
*Ceviche de pescado, mixto, langostinos, o conchas negras
*Chaufa de pescado, mariscos, o langostinos
Chicharrón de pollo, pescado, langostino, o mixto
*Tequeños de jamón y queso, lagostino, o lomo










Getting here. Como llegar.

Walking at Sunset, truly peaceful

Arriving by Air: Flight to Lima and catch a regional 1.5 hr flight to Tumbes. We can pick you up at the Tumbes airport or you can grab a local taxi, a 45 min. drive to Punta Cocos Beach. Fly into Lima, Peru and catch an early morning regional 1 hr flight to Piura, and catch a bus or minivan for a 4 hr ride to Zorritos. Buses are across from the Piura market, you can take a taxi from the airport.

Fly into Guayaquil, Ecuador and then take a taxi or bus, 4.5 to 5.5 hrs to Peru, to Tumbes or preferably to Zorritos -the buses that go to Piura. You will pass through passport controls leaving Ecuador and entering Peru, the bus makes these stops.

Arriving via land

If you live in Peru or Ecuador driving is certainly an option. You can drive directly onto our secured parking area from the  PanAmerican Highway, just a few meters away from the suites. We are at kilometer #1243, beach side, on the North PanAmerican highway. 

Taking a bus to Zorritos, around $100 round trip Lima-Tumbes in some very comfortable seats, leaving Lima at 3pm, arriving to Tumbes the next morning at 10am. Ask the "terramoza" that you need to get off in Zorritos (we are 1/2 hr south of Tumbes

We would be happy to provide you with a ride from the bus station in Zorritos to Punta Cocos Beach.


Llegada por via aérea: volar a Lima, Peru, tomar otro vuelo de Lima hasta Tumbes, 1.5hrs. Podemos proveer el transporte del aeropuerto de Tumbes a Punta Cocos Beach, 45 minutos, por un cargo adicional.  O volar Lima-Piura temprano y tomar un bus, 4hrs, hasta Zorritos. Los buses/minivans se toman al frente del mercado de Piura (en el otro lado de la calle).

Llegada por tierra: Volar a Guayaquil, Ecuador y luego tomar un taxi o bus a Tumbes o preferible a Zorritos (los buses que siguen a Piura), 4.5 a 5.5 hrs. Nosotros nos encargaríamos de transportarlos de Zorritos a Punta Cocos Beach.

Si Ud. vive en Perú o en Ecuador, venir en su propia movilidad es realmente otra opción. Tenemos estacionamiento cercado y con vigilancia.

Si prefiere, hay omnibuses muy cómodos que salen de Lima a eso de las 3pm y llegan a Tumbes el siguiente dia alrededor de las 10am. Algunos tienen bajadas en Zorritos, (a 1/2 hora al sur de Tumbes) pregúntele a su terramoza. Nosotros los podemos transportar a Punta Cocos Beach.



What to see and do. Actividades.

Shopping in Puerto Pizarro after birdwatching, visiting the mangroves and the crocodile farm -that strives to save the endangered Tumbes crocodile
Watching for dolphins!
hiking, Amotape National Park

The beach: Enjoy miles of unspoiled sandy beach right out your front door.  All beaches in Peru are public which means you can walk or jog as far as you desire in either direction.  We frequently see numerous shore birds, jumping fish, and on occasion dolphins and sea lions. Zorritos is 1km (.6mile) to the south and the picturesque fishing village of Caleta Grau is just a few hundred meters to the north.  The beach slopes gently, easily allowing wading or playing in the surf. 


Puerto Pizarro: This local port city, located in the Tumbes River delta is well worth a closer look. In town there are various simple restaurants and handicrafts vendors. Numerous boat excursions can take you out to see the mangrove forests, known for their beauty and wild birds, crabs and black conchas, and the crocodile ranch, bringing back the endangered Tumbes crocodile. 45 min. away.


Tumbes: The departmental capital of Tumbes lies next to the Rio Tumbes, the largest river on the coast of Peru that runs from South to North in contrast of the other coastal rivers which run from East to West.  The city square is very picturesque and the local pedestrian shopping district offers a wide variety of goods. Aproximately 30 min. away.


Amotape National Park: We toured for a day, were able to hike and see the Amotape Hills-bright yellow in season, wild orchids growing around us, the Tumbes river from the hilss, an old hacienda house, and pre-Inca ruins.


Aguas Verdes: located on the Peruvian-Ecuadorian border, on the Peruvian side.  Just across the international bridge over the Zarumilla River, is an area called Huaquilllas. This is an area of intense commerce. It's a veritable bazaar of small contemporary shops and vendors of all types of merchandise. 1 hr. away.


Mancora: a beach town known for the large swells and surfing culture. It has good local restaurants and numerous vendors of handicrafts. 1hr


Los Organos: One can take a whale watching trip during the months of June through October. 1.25 hrs. away.


Catacaos:  A small village 15 min. outside Piura, is the best place for shopping for world famous Chulucanas pottery, gold and silver jewelry, leather furniture, straw items such as hats, purses, boxes, wooden items, in Northern Peru.

Prices are very reasonable. Our family never misses an opportunity to visit Catacaos and typically pairs it with a visit or dinner in Piura. 3.5 hrs away


Piura: The largest cily in this part of Northern Peru and 4th largest city in Peru. Piura is the capital of the department of Piura, the largest department in northern coastal Peru. Piura is a pleasant excursion into metropolitan Peru. 3.5 hrs.


Guest's reviews. Comentarios.

Enjoy homemade pizza! made in our premises with fresh ingredients

"This is my favorite place to stay in the North of Peru. I have stayed here 3 or 4 times and these stays have been the most tranquil and relaxing period of my entire year.  Don't come expecting hotel like services, instead expect a nice spacious 2 story, 2 bedroom ocean-view furnished condo with cook-ready kitchen for the price of a nice hotel room.  You can take a 3 min taxi into Zorritos or walk 25 min along the beach and still eat or drink at the beach resorts there if you wish - but for lodging those resorts really don't provide any added value unless you value proximity over space and tranquility.  Also, Kevin, the manager of this place, is a Peruvian American who grew up in the US and is an exceedingly helpful and knowledgable host.  You will also find in Kevin a highly trustworthy host with an unwavering ethical standard, which are important and difficult to verify traits traveling here in Peru. (I say all this as someone who has lived in Peru for over a year and speaks fluent Spanish)."


"Punta Cocos is a very relaxing vacation destination.  It's location is far enough from town to have your own private beach and close enough to have all the amenities of  Zorritos; restaurants, market, transportation, etc. We visited in early August and had great weather, and on the 3 miles of beach that we walked almost daily, saw only a handful of people during the whole week. I hope the area keeps it's charm for years to come. The staff was very attentive to our needs and was always available as they live on the property. Being on the beach. the washer was especially usefull.  The units have air, but we never used it as there are ceiling fans, and all windows are screened. The owners are in the process of giving the place a "facelift" as is always needed with a property exposed to the elements near a beach, and am looking forward to seeing their progress on my next visit. Yes, I will be going back...it's only 5000 miles from my house!"


"This is an awesome place. Highly recommended to be with family or friends, Kevin is a really good host. This is our fourth visit!"


"La comunicación vía web Excelente

Comodidad. Excelente
Confort. Excelente
Equipamiento. Muy bueno
Vistas. Excelentes
Instalaciones comunes. Muy buenas

Playas del hotel
Acceso desde el hotel. Muy bueno
Temperatura del mar. Excelente
El entorno de las playas. Muy bueno

Son departamentos, amplios, luminosos, cómodos, buenos colchones, muy equipados, con heladera, cocina, licuadora, sillones, tv, hamacas, tender exterior, maquina lavadora de ropa, utensilios etc. 

ME ENCANTÓ y si de algo estoy seguro es que volvería en cuanto pudiera con amigos y familias, para disfrutar de lo que se dice un verdadero descanso playero. Que le falta al hotel? un trato mas personalizado. 

Room Tip: Las habitaciones son en planta alta y la matrimonial permite ver el mar desde la cama. Un deleite para el cuerpo y el espíritu.
Huéspedes del Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Thank you for visiting Punta Cocos Beach suites! Gracias por tu visita, regresa pronto, te esperamos

Our native English speaker manager onsite will strive to make your stay the best it can be. The peaceful atmosphere offers the perfect place to relax and enjoy valuable time with loved ones. We love spending time at the "Suites" and expect you will too!

"Un rinconcito para disfrutar del panorama y del mar"    "The best Panoramic view of the Pacific"

Punta Cocos Beach suites

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